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About Seeds Pisces 34 Key Kalimba

Brand: seeds

Model: Pisces

Design: Original and Patented

Tuning: C Tone, or B Tone.

Range: F3 to F4 Diatonic. G4 to F6 Chromatic.

Kalimba Wood Dimensions: 183x126x26mm

Kalimba Weight: 550-620g

Weight with Packaging:1100g

Package Dimensions: 250x185x85mm

Thank you for your interest in Pisces! Mr. Kyle Luo, the CEO of seeds, started as the inventor of the double layered 20 key Kalimba in 2018. He is passionate about improving his products continuously.

Mr. Luo wanted his next creation to function as a 17 key Kalimba, a 21 key Kalimba, and a Chromatic Kalimba. The architecture by Santiago Calatrava inspired the design for his Unibody Metal Saddle, and the full moon inspired the round indent on the face of the Kalimba’s wood. His idea was that 17 keys represent a small fish tail, and 21 keys represent a large fish tail. Since his 34 key Kalimba included both fishes, he named his new creation Double Fish 双鱼. His supportive peer affirmed that Pisces would be a more beautiful name for his Kalimba.

Pisces received a warm welcome when it was launched in China on the 11th of December, 2020. Resellers sold Pisces overseas and the reception has been wonderful. This seeds official customer service website was created in July of 2021. Our mission is to expand overseas, and to provide long term customer service to our customers.

Please follow us on Facebook and Youtube! We hope you will be part of our on-going story to let Pisces swim freely all over the world.

Pisces images. Click to enlarge.

About Seeds Columbus 24 Key Kalimba

Brand: seeds

Model: Columbus

Design: Original and Patented

Tuning: C Tone

Range: F3 to A6 Diatonic.

Kalimba Wood Dimensions: 183x126x26mm

Kalimba Weight: 550-620g

Weight with Packaging:1100g

Package Dimensions: 250x185x85mm

Thank you for your interest in Columbus! This 24 Key ascending order Diatonic Kalimba is seeds' CEO Mr. Kyle Luo's favorite style of Kalimba. Columbus started out as the 20 Key Kalimba invented by Mr. Luo in 2018. The tines are arranged from left to right in ascending order, just like the white keys of a piano.

Columbus has an extra high range of notes such as F6, G6, and A6. This is a daring feat, as many Kalimbas stop at E6. Mr. Luo believes that a huge diatonic range would allow players to explore a 'new world' of music. This reminded Mr. Luo of Christopher Columbus's courage and conviction to sail a different route in unchartered waters. Hence the Kalimba was named Columbus, to represent Mr. Luo's courage and conviction to create a Kalimba with the tines in ascending order, and with high range notes that few other Kalimbas would venture into.

Columbus received a warm welcome when it was unveiled on the 3rd of August 2021 via a product launch livestream in China. Currently, the 24 Key Columbus Kalimba has already set sail to North America, and it will soon be available on Amazon Prime USA and Canada.

Please follow us on Facebook and Youtube! We hope you will be part of our on-going story to let Columbus sail all over the world.

Columbus images. Click to enlarge.


Learn more about what makes our Kalimbas special.

FAS Grade North American Black Walnut Wood

The wood for our Kalimbas are produced in the eastern part of the United States. The heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate in color, and the grain lines are generally straight. In reference to the unified timber grading standard for the timber industry, FAS grade wood is the most beautiful and most expensive timber grade in the National Hardwood Lumber Association rating system. As a product of nature, no two Kalimba bodies are alike.

Unibody Metal Saddle

The backstop, z-bracket and bridge has been combined into one metallic component patented by seeds. Every tine has an independent space which provides stability and reduces the movement of the tines. Only a tuning hammer is required to adjust the tine lengths. The tines are exclusively produced by seeds and no other Kalimba can produce the extra-long sustain and icy ethereal sound of our tines.


Columbus Customers will receive the following

- 1 Columbus 24 Key Kalimba, F3 to A6.
- 1 Instruction Booklet in C Scale Tuning
- 1 Tuning Hammer
- 2 Instrument cases without cardboard packaging.

Pisces Customers will receive the following

- 1 Pisces 34 Key Kalimba, C Tone or B Tone.
- 1 Instruction Booklet with C Scale Tuning only
- 1 Tuning Hammer
- 1 Instrument Case with cardboard box, OR 2 Instrument cases.

Online Learning Resources

Beginners to Music or Number Notation Scores may require some assistance to learn how to play using Pisces or Columbus.
- Audio-Visual Score Guides have been uploaded onto seeds' Youtube Channel for both C Tone and B Tone Pisces Kalimbas.
- Scores relevant to Columbus will also be uploaded in future.
- Beginners are encouraged to reduce the speed of the score playback using Youtube's speed settings, and follow along note-by-note.

Please subscribe to seeds OFFICIAL Youtube channel. Thank you!


As the love and usage of Pisces and Columbus grows, a community of online Kalimba players will start to provide interesting content. Prospective buyers may be interested in unboxing videos created by Pisces customers, and learners may be interested in music videos made by Pisces customers for inspiration. We will soon create a list of customer's music and unboxing videos for Columbus.

We highly recommend Eva Auner, a Kalimba Youtuber and Pisces player. She creates beautiful music videos, helpful tabulatures, and will have content for Pisces soon.

Tuning Your Kalimba

Tuning Chart Free Download:
Pisces B Tone PDF
Pisces C Tone PDF
Columbus Tuning JPG.

Step 1: Use a tuner

Columbus and Pisces comes pre-tuned. However after some time, movements in the tines reduces the precision of each key. To know whether each key is in tune, you will need a tuner. This can be a physical tuning device, or a free smartphone tuning app. We recommend Da Tuner for android or Ins Tuner for ios smartphones. How to use a tuner varies greatly. Please read the instructions meant for your chosen device or app.

Step 2: Refer to the Correct Tuning Chart

Pisces' C Tone tuning chart is on page B1 of your booklet.

There is no physical copy of the tuning chart for customers who bought the seeds Pisces B Tone Kalimba. Save a copy or print the B Tone Tuning Chart PDF, which includes a Bonus Bb (B flat) Tone Tuning Chart for customers who would like an even lower tone.

For Columbus, you can refer to this Columbus Tuning Chart.

Step 3: Use Tuning Hammer

With reference to the tuning chart which shows you the musical alphabet for each key, strike each tine to see if it is in the correct tune with the aid of your tuner.

If the tuner shows that the tine sounds lower than it should, use the tuning hammer to TAP UP.

If the tuner shows that the tine sounds higher than it should, use the tuning hammer to TAP DOWN.

When all 24 or 34 keys are in tune with the Musical Alphabet shown on the tuning chart, you are done!

FAQ: C Tone vs B Tone seeds Pisces Kalimba

To answer this frequently asked question, here is our video on YouTube.

Topics covered:
- What is the difference between seeds Pisces C Tone and B Tone Kalimba?
- Where can I find the Tuning Chart?
- What are the benefits of C Tone or B Tone?
- Can I re-tune B Tone to C? Or C Tone to B?

Our Youtube channel has both C Tone and B Tone audio-visual score guides. The Thumbnails of B Tone videos usually has the words "B Tone" in blue font. Please consider subscribing!